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Everything you need to know about the cocktail mobile bar catering service

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An event’s success can often be defined by a handful of factors, ranging from food to decor to bar services. From weddings to pool parties, a defining factor of the experience are the cocktails. For your event to be a success you really have to amaze your guests in this department, and one of the easiest ways to acquire a professional bartender and an amazing menu of drinks is to go with a mobile cocktail bar. In this article, we will be discussing the 5 largest benefits of using a cocktail mobile bar.

1. Organization

Organization is the key to a successful event, and a great way to increase organization is to have a mobile bar service. A mobile bar setup provides your event with a professional bartender, and all the supplies needed for a successful party (alcohol, cups, garnishes). Having professional bartending services at your disposal also guarantees that your guests are served as quickly and efficiently as possible. Having all of your drinks in one place will also help control the flow of traffic and reduce confusion.

2. Customizability

Another amazing benefit of our mobile cocktail bar is the customizability that we provide. From the decor to the drinks menu, everything can be customized to meet your events aesthetic. We offer many options to make the cocktail experience unique to your party. From professional corporate events to intimate weddings, we offer customizability to fit into the ambiance of your event and will fit the decor of the chosen venue perfectly.

Using our cocktail hour catering services makes your event stand out, and avoid being remembered as typical or boring. The customizability that we bring will leave your guests amazed, and excited for your next event.

3. Mobility

The most intriguing and convenient aspect of using mobile cocktail bar catering is the flexibility and mobility they provide, all the while providing the same bar services as a contemporary beverage catering company. From Christmas parties in the office, to pool parties at home, Barecular can recreate that bar experience anywhere. With our experienced staff, and amazing bartenders we can provide a convenient, professional, bartending, and cocktail service to any event in the GTA. Another perk about mobile beverage catering is how fast the set-up process is and within minutes of arriving, you will have a bar set up ready to go.

4. Social

Survey data shows that in this era people value experiences very highly, and our menu and bartending experience often add to the ambiance of a wedding or an event. Our quality mobile bars allow you to treat your guests with first-class beverage service, adding to the luxurious feeling and ambiance of any event. Our mobile cocktail catering is affordable and will impress your guests with a new style factor. When everyone realizes the value that mobile cocktail services provide, you’ll be sure to start a new trend.

Mobile bars also help sociability within the event, as a lot of people use the bar at an event to socialize with others. Now you can call a bar to you anywhere in the GTA, to add that crucial social aspect to your event. The bar is usually the center of any party, creating conversation and interaction between your guests. Our professional bartenders and staff help facilitate those interactions and bring a whole new life to any event.

5. Professional Staff

One of the biggest pet-peeves for guests is an unprofessional staff, who don’t know what they are doing. Barecular provides you with experienced mixologists who are always researching the latest trends & techniques to work with you to develop a cocktail catering menu that meets your event style. From weddings, cocktail parties, birthday parties, bachelor parties, and more we will be there to assist you.


When would a mobile bar add value to an event?

You will often find a venue that you just must keep, but there may not be a bar available on site. In a situation like this, you may be stressed out at the idea of having to choose a selection of drinks at random for your event. Our expertise saves you a lot of stress, as you don’t have to worry about buying, stocking, transporting, and distributing drinks. Whether it is ice, garnishes, or cups our company will bring everything required at your event allowing you to enjoy the night without worry.

What Events would Benefit from a Mobile Bar?

Birthday Parties
Engagement Parties
Themed events
Corporate events
Product launches

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