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Toronto event catering company offers the best and reliable services around the province of Toronto. The peculiarity with the outstanding services rendered by the event catering and planning companies includes their warm reception to customers, rendering services to the event owner’s taste. They also help provide the event with its own bar.

The importance of a decent quality bar in an event like birthday parties, weddings or conferences can not be overemphasized. Aside from food, drinks help complete the ambiance of any events and also complement the food presented. You could either serve regular beers, wine, beverages or cocktail.

Cocktails have become a crucial part of events, from providing delicious drinks to lip-smacking appetizers. It is the best choice if you want something a little more than just wine or beer.

Cocktail bartending services are different from conventional bartending services. They require experience, curation and care since cocktail has to do with a mixture of drinks.

Also, preparing a cocktail catering menu could be hectic. To make your event and cocktail menu fantastic depends significantly on the quality of the bartending services or the cocktail catering company you get. That is why you should make Barecular cocktail catering company your number one to go cocktail Toronto event catering company for excellence and spectacular cocktails’ bartending services.

Barecular Cocktail Catering Company is a Toronto event catering company that offers services including Event catering, cocktail bar Toronto, Bartending services and mobile bar service. All that is required of you is to supply us with the drinks, and we will bring your fantasy into reality.

With our event planners and a team of experienced bartenders, we provide everything from corporate to social events like anniversaries, weddings, receptions and more. The services rendered are listed and explained below.

Toronto event catering company

Event catering and planning services for private, corporate and social events have become synonymous with the efficiency and effectiveness necessary to render events that live up to its potential.

We help bring your idea of what you want the social event to be like drink-wise to life to ensure that it is enjoyable for the guests.

The social events include bachelorette parties, bachelor & stag parties, bridal showers, wedding entertainment, birthdays. And the corporate events that are taken care of include Fundraisers, galas, golf tournaments, boat cruises, launches and more.

The event caterer and planner needs to understand who the guests are and how best to cater to their preferences/needs. The presentation of the services is one thing that makes event catering and planning successful as going wrong at that stage can disrupt all the quality and nice works that have been invested.

As a company aspiring to be the best in the cocktail Toronto event catering company, we observe all things from the event flow perspective and pay utmost attention to the quality of services rendered. It may be for private, social or corporate events, we are always on the lookout, ensuring quality service, and its presentation precedes any other thing.

Cocktail bar services Toronto

Who doesn’t love a good cocktail moment?! It specifically gives the guests the needed time and mood to interact even when leaning towards a formal and glamorous event or keeping it more laid back with an informal one.

Cocktail catering attends to the needs of drinks and bars as other people cater to décor and all. As they say, Drinks are the lifeblood of a good event; thirsty guests cannot be left hanging out to dry. They say that the best event planners know the value of good bar service. The experience and skill required by a person working at the bar interacting with the guests cannot be overemphasized, especially for cocktail bartending service.

At Barecular cocktail catering company, We offer cocktail catering, flair bartending, and molecular mixology for any type of event. Be it corporate events, private events, wedding events, birthday parties, cocktail parties, etc. to cater specifically to your taste and needs through our experienced staff.

However, when creating a cocktail menu for your event, it is essential to put some factors into consideration to produce a menu that is impeccable for your event. The three inevitable factors are

  • Drinks
  • Appetizer
  • Experienced or professional bartending service.

With these factors properly in place, you could create a fantastic cocktail menu. With Barecular catering company and our excellent cocktail bar Toronto, we have helped reduce your burden. The only thing you have to provide us with is the drinks needed for the cocktails, and the rest would be sorted out by our cocktail specialist.

This menu may contain cocktails like Mojito, long island iced tea, manhattan, Daiquiri, Margarita, Bloody Mary, Cosmopolitan, Tom Collins, Moscow Mule, Screwdriver, Hurricane, Martini, Tequila Sunrise, Sangria and more, the choice of which to have on your list depends on your desire and event. Though we would help you in selecting the best

Bartending Services Toronto

Selecting the right bar services for events is not always an easy task but getting it right with the right services always makes the planner a genius. It is always said that “investing in good bartending services means investing in happy guests.” Obviously, because it takes more than just good drinks to make your guests happy, good bartending is majorly about creating memories of fun times, whether it is a social event or corporate event.

Besides our excellent catering services, we have exceptional cocktail specialists who are meticulous and have an eye for the latest cocktail trends and techniques. They also have extensive international training to assist you in creating a special cocktail menu well suited for your event.

Our bartending service, which is fun, is full of tipsy tricks that keep guests entertained and well catered for drink-wise. We handle all that is needed for full bar service with our experienced staff, including specialty drink design, drink orders, and support.

Mobile bar service Toronto

At Barecular cocktail catering, our mobile bar service makes bar-tending go flawless as everything needed is supplied. This mobile bar service experience helps put the party wherever you want it by bringing our quality bar services and a unique atmosphere to your special event. Full bar setup with the equipped staff will be on the ground to keep the drinks flowing as catering to the guests’ desires is our main priority.

What we are assured of is that the event will be one that you and your guests will always reminisce about as it will elevate the event from a memorable one to an unforgettable one.

The mobile bar service is more like indoor bartending. The idea is to grace your event with standard and quality bar no matter the condition of your event’s location in Toronto.

At Barecular cocktail catering company, we tailored our catering services to suit your event and meet your needs and tastes. We offer flexible and full-service cocktail catering package depending on the event to match your budget.

Our services, including cocktail catering, flair bartending service, mobile bar service, and more, are outstanding as the latest trends and techniques are always not far from our research team. The excellent qualities that set us apart include paying attention to details, flexibility & creativity, customer service, meeting our clients’ theme, and more.

So make us your one-stop cocktail Toronto catering company. We will be expecting you.