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From weddings, corporate events to even simple parties, having the right bartender is crucial to the experience of the guests, as they are the ones that help make your event special. They hold the ability to take your parties to the next level with their quality service of drinks, and cocktails. Here at Barecular, we offer professional bartenders to take your party to the next level. We proudly provide the highest quality bar service to ensure you have a fun and amazing experience. Whether it be Toronto, Mississauga, or anywhere in the GTA our company is ready to offer a transcendence service and experience to our clients and their guests. From weddings, corporate events, or even graduation parties, Barecular invites you to sit back and enjoy your event and let us take care of everything. In this article, we will discuss what sets our work apart from the competition and how our services will make your next event perfect.

1. Portability

With Barecular as a mobile bartending service, we can offer flexibility and mobility to our clients while also being able to provide one of the best bartending services in the GTA. Within minutes of our arrival, we are quickly able to set up our bar service in the area of your choosing. Whether it be a small birthday party at home or a private event at work, our staff is always looking to create a quality bar experience for you and your guests. With our top of the class menu which includes our great cocktails, we are ready to help create an amazing fun environment for your next event. Having professional bartenders at your fingertips ensures all guests are being accommodated and are being served as efficiently as possible for customer satisfaction is our main priority.

2. Experienced Staff

When you hire bar services for your event, you are looking for professionals who know what they are doing. You want staff that is willing to dedicate their full time and attention to your guests. Here at Barecular, we provide you with an experienced team who have been taught to work with you to help create the most ideal menu and service for your event to please your special guest. Our team is chosen for their skill, personality, engaging style, and modern approach. Our bartender’s mission is to add flair with their great charismatic personality and to bring their much-needed knowledge of drinks to your events. All our staff love interacting with guests and making them feel comfortable and relaxed while they enjoy their time at your party. Our team is one of the best in the business and should be a reason why you book us for your next event.

3. Top of the Line Drinks

Drinks are what truly takes a party to the next level. If you fail to give your guests, the best beverage it can really bring down the atmosphere of your event. This is why here at Barecular we ensure that our bartenders are using the highest quality of ingredients when making drinks. Whether it be a martini or even a simple cocktail our servers are given the best ingredients and nothing less in order to provide the guests with drinks they will fall in love with. After all, the environment of an event is completely dependent on your guests’ mood, and one way to please them is by serving them our top on the line cocktail or our famous gin and tonic. Quality is what Barecular was built on and we have every intention to move forward with it. If quality is something you look for then don’t hesitate to book our services for your party.


Why should I hire a bartender?

Hosting a party can be a very stressful job as it comes with many responsibilities. Between preparing food, greeting your guests, and making sure you have all your guests accommodated can be a hassle. Through this, it can be difficult to find time to relax and actually enjoy the event. Furthermore, you don’t want to get up the next morning and realize you didn’t get to spend more time with one of your dear guests. However, with the hire of a bartender, you are able to take a back seat and actually enjoy your time at your own event. With the services we provide, you can be sure to keep all your guests satisfied while we let you enjoy the party stress-free. Leave the work to us.

How many bartenders should I hire?

The number of bartenders you should hire is completely dependent on the number of guests you have. We recommend having at least one bartender per 50 guests in order to accommodate to keep the event flowing smoothly and efficiently. However, the event planner should oversee this decision as he/she would be the best judge. If you presume there won’t be a long lineup at the bar, then having multiple bartenders won’t be necessary.

What events can take advantage of a mobile bar?

Birthday parties
Job celebrations
High School reunions
Corporate event
Product Launches

Are your Bartenders Certified?

When hiring our bartenders, we make sure they have a considerable amount of experience in this field. We evaluate them on their skills and their personality to make sure we are getting the best of the best bartenders who would help maintain our company image of quality and excellence.