How do I find a good bartender?


A bartender is who prepares and serves the alcoholic and non- alcoholic drinks behind the bar. In order to deal with alcoholic drinks they needs to get smart serve license. Bar backs are responsible to maintain the supplies and bar inventory.

A bartender generally mix the classic cocktails such as Cosmopolitan, Manhattan, Old fashioned and Mojito etc. Bartender is also responsible to confirm the legal drinking age of the guests before serving alcoholic beverages and they can also refuse to serve alcohol drinks to over drunk guests.

Mobile Bartending Service Toronto
Mobile Bartending Service Toronto

History of bartending

Alcohol and bars have been a important part of human civilization. Originally, liquor specially wine was a famous medical agent but it has expanded over the time. Over the past century alcohol has gone through an illegal enterprise during prohibition to one of the most profitable business today.

Ancient times

Origin of bartenders can be found back in ancient Greek, Roman, and Asian societies working in the public drinking houses. Bartenders were famous to brewed their own drinks and they were alehouse owners or innkeepers.

Western Europe

In the 15th century bartenders were part of aristocratic groups in France, England Germany and Ireland. It was considered one of the profitable trade at that time.


Bartending profession originated from the western Europe and then transferred to the new world. The Pioneer Inn and Tavern Law was passed by the United States Congress in 1832 for allowing inns and saloons to serve alcoholic drinks to patriots not leasing room.

In the 19th century bars went form the hidden alleyways to the famous gathering spots. Bartender started dressing up and following the recipes.


Being under pressure form the temperance movement and its political allies, In 1919 United states ratified the 18th Amendment. According to this manufacture, transportation and sale of alcohol was prohibited. This suspended the bartending profession. However, bartenders continued to serve delicious cocktails to patrons while working in underground speakeasies. In fact, gin and tonic were invented in prohibitions era.

End of Prohibition

Ratification of 21st Amendment to repeal prohibition in 1933 by majority of states helped the bartenders to go back to work.

Importance of hiring a Professional Bartender

A bartender has number of responsibilities behind the counter. Hiring a great bartender increases the opportunities for having the more satisfied guests. A knowledgeable and experienced bartender know how to mix drinks and serving the guests according to their taste and preferences.

A bartender makes beverages according to the guest’s drink orders. No matter what kind of event is having a experienced bartender will make the life easy for the hosts and they can also equally enjoy without worrying about their guests whether they are enjoying , having the great drinks or not.

Origin of Bartending Schools

Bartending has been a profession since ancient times. There was no need for opening a bartending school because alcoholic products were consisted of beer, wine and ale rather than mixed drinks. The owner of the ale houses and taverns were responsible to train staff themselves.

After the prohibition era new bars reopened and it was difficult for an individual to train the new staff. Therefore , first time bartending schools were founded.

By attending the bartending school students can learn how to run a bar including bar setup and making the drinks. They can also learn the basics about glassware, bartending tools, liquor and liqueurs and mixology. Mock bars help the students to learn in the realistic way.

In 1970’s there were few groups started working on stop drunk driving through bartender and server education. In 1980 the bartender license came to existence where there was a training about responsible serving of liquor . Responsible driving means it was a part of bartender’s job to make sure customers do not over drink or assuring that they have a safe ride home.

In 1999 first online bartending training started by a company. In 2010 several states moved from live training requirement to online training. This was by doing the 4 hours training and obtaining the smart serve.

A successful bartender

Becoming a bartender is a great honor these days. A bartender can learn bartending job while working or enrolling in bartending courses a school.

A bartender enjoy making drinks and have the knowledge and ability to provide the outstanding customer service. He also possess a positive attitude, confidence and have the willingness to give the best and constantly learn the new skills .

Bartender can create the magic behind the bar area by using his bartending skills to make the drinks with mixers and ice and serving the customers according to the provided cocktail menu and also by giving the great tips from their expertise.

Science of cocktail making

Cocktail making is known to be a science. A perfect cocktails are when mixed well with right amount of mixers and ice it creates a phenomenal experience. Mixologist is the person who has a knowledge of history of spirits and liqueurs and deep understanding of their flavors.

Barecular's Mixologist
Barecular’s Mixologist

Making cocktail is not a simple process to shake drinks by having the small cocktail knowledge and serving a few drinks. A mixologist is just like a chef but for drinks not for food. Science of mixology has two major components blend of flavors and glassware. Mixologist can also be considered as a beverage director.

Tips for hiring the bartender

First important step is to select the date and venue for the event. After this get the estimate about number of guests coming. Pre-plan the drink menu according to the preference (Host as well visitors).

Next step is contacting the bartending company ( Barecular). First question is are the bartender is licensed. because this is the requirement to serve the liquor . Also have the inquiry about the how much experience bartender carry. If you are thinking to for special drinks or craft cocktails always confirm that if they can accommodate this. Ask bartender’s opinion about the menu ideas and they can help you to decide and select the particular type of drink menu.

Then finalize the price and get the shopping list about ingredients that host needs to buy. In this way you will be buying and spending less by getting the expert advice from the bartender.

Also have a plan for minors what kinds of non- alcoholic drinks they can have and communicate with your bartender.

If part has a dress code and this is also important to communicate with bartender.

After arranging all the items of the shopping list provided by the bartender enjoy the event without worrying about the quests. Now its the bartender’s job to serve the great drinks to visitors and making them to enjoy too.

Barecular’s Portable Bar

Barecular’s portable bar provides all the services that host needs to arrange a perfect party for celebrating the special occasions. Bar top has the antique decoration with lot of space for bar tools include drink mat for putting the multiple orders for cocktails, cocktail shaker, bar spoon, built in strainer, jigger, muddler and straws.

Portable bar also has o lot of space for mixers like lime juice, lemon juice, bitters, liqueurs and liquor etc.

lime juice, lemon juice, bitters, liqueurs and liquor etc

If you are looking for professional bartenders. Barecular is here to provide the mobile bar service at your own selected venue. Barecular has the highly trained and experienced bartenders who are famous for making popular drinks and providing the great service to the guests.

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