Every drinkers needs to know about Strong cocktail drinks


With the technological developments there have been lot of changes in every industry. There are also lot of changes have been made in beverage industry whether it is related to the customized glassware or drink making process. In the market there are varieties of cocktails available or can be customized with the customers preference.

Barecular is providing the number of choices to its clients in order to choose and helps them to find the best cocktails.

Expectations of cocktail lovers

Now drink fans have lot of expectations when it comes to the alcoholic beverages . They need great experience while drinking alcohol. Everyone have their own preference about classic and modern cocktails and some of them prioritize creativity and other like the flavors of various of mixers alcoholic drink.

A bartender is the only one person who satisfies all these expectations. When it comes to the strong cocktails Barecular has the trained bartenders who can create the magic while serving the different mix of alcohol to its guests.

magic while serving the different mix of alcohol to its guests

Evolution of the cocktail recipes

Cocktail is glass with a twist.

Cocktail word originally used for the horse with mixed breed rather than thoroughbred. Therefore, idea for cocktail was to mix the alcohol with other ingredients like water, sugar and bitters.

Earlier times there were whiskey, gin and rum cocktails. These gone through series of changes and now modern alcohol mix is considered to be made by the professional bartender.

The one rule to make the cocktail is mixing the flavors and textures which will make a drink that will gives pleasure.

History of Bartending

Bartenders can be found in the ancient era when Greek and Roman eras relied on craftsman to pour their favorite alcoholic beverages. During the 15th century Bartenders known as innkeepers who were the professionals famous for producing their own spirits and ales.

Bartending in modern times

Familiar cocktail beverages Gin and tonic were invented in prohibition era. After the prohibition was overturned many bars and cocktail lounges were opened. Bartending schools also opened up so the bartenders can consistently provide the delicious beverages.

If you are thing to hire a professional bartender for your next party Barecular will help you to provide the highly trained and professional bartenders who will serve the variety of delicious alcoholic beverages to the guests.

Craft of Mixology

Like all craftmanship cocktail making also requires number of tools to prepare a cocktail. The tools include bar spoons, corkscrews for opening wine and champaign bottles, bottle openers juice extractors, pourers, ice coolers, jiggers, shaker, muddle, strainers and glassware.

Revival of classics

Mixed spirits beverages are far from the traditional drinks and on-trend from few decades.

The revival of the classic cocktails by great bartenders served to the consumers according to their taste and preferences means we are in the exciting period of classic cocktails along with molecular which is creating the latest trend in the industry.

Amazing Cocktails by Barecular

The founder of Barecular has over 10 years of experience of making the alcoholic beverages and has expertise of making its own cocktail recipes. Barecular offers wide range of cocktails range from classic to the modern cocktails. All these are so delicious and combination of different mixers.

Among its strongest cocktails (Martini) it has lot of variety like Dry martini mix of ice, sweet vermouth, gin or vodka, and garnishing of lemon or olive. One of the strongest cocktail called Bone dry Martini served in the chilled glass rinsed with dry vermouth with same ingredients gin or vodka with some garnishing.

Stiff drink and classic cocktail named Old fashioned with orange peel garnish and little mixer of ice, rye whiskey, water, dashes of bitter and some cinnamon syrup.

One of the most trending drinks in 2021 called Pina colada mix of ice, coconut cream, pineapple juice and white rum.

Most served cocktail drink of 2021 is Vodka Shikanji mix blended ice, mint, syrup, secret spice, shot of vodka, lemon juice, and soda.

Vodka Shikanji
Vodka Shikanji

Perfect drink include Margarita mix of shaken ice, shot of tequila ,lime juice , salt on the rim. It comes in number of variations like fresh lime juice, frozen margarita, fruit sodas and sports dink , fruits and vegetables, beer cocktails named Beermarita has a bottle of corona beer or other light flavored beer poured into a margarita on the rocks and skinny which has lower calories.

Drink having the two origin stories called Long island iced tea one from Long Island, Tennessee and one from Long Island, New York. This drink carries much higher alcohol concentration than most highball glass drinks due to small amount of mixer. Long island iced tea include tequila, vodka, triple sec, rum, lemon Juice, Cola.

Another strong cocktail with rum is Zombie. If you are looking for a strong drink with rum this classic tropical cocktail boasts both light and dark rum, apricot brandy, pineapple and citrus juice , overproof rum and touch of grenadine.

And number of other strong cocktails include the mixers grain alcohol, fortified wine, blackberry liquor, brandy and other alcoholic liquor .

Lychee Martini
Lychee Martini

What Satisfied clients say about Barecular’s strong cocktails

Barecular conducted number events varies from birthday and corporative parties, wedding, receptions and anniversaries in 2021. We served number of guests with different preferences of cocktails and they all had a great experience.

We provide the service at the doorsteps of clients and they really like the concept of portable bar setup. Service includes the providing the detailed about ingredients of different cocktails for the guests to choose.

Bar Service for Events
Bar Service for Events

Guests consider Barecular as their home bar because bartenders are professional and well mannered who treat them in a professional way. Some of them hired us for more than two occasions during the wedding because of the overwhelming experience.

We also can customize the drink recipes with the available ingredients according to the guests preference in order to give them the satisfaction and pleasure.

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