Want to Reduce Your Level of Anxiety While Attending an Event?-: Portable Bar Rental Toronto!


If you are planning to host a party and thinking about bar rental or your special event to take care of the beverages and mobile bar; so that you can have fun without any worries? See what options there are for bringing a bar to your event, from large public gatherings to light, intimate gatherings.

Having a portable bar for rent service in Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton etc may save a great deal of stress and allow you to enjoy your event fully. Mobile bars in Toronto or other main cities may be found in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit your needs. Let them know what you’re planning, and they’ll work with you to ensure that their perfect services meet your expectations.

Before getting to know about portable bar offering cocktail catering service in Toronto for your event, you need to understand about mobile cocktail bars and the benefits of hiring bartenders. 

What Are Mobile Bars For Rent?

Mobile bars offer many of the same services as a built-in bar, but with the added benefit of mobility. These portable units may be pre-stocked by bartenders in order to ensure that they are ready to go at a moment’s notice.

Mobile portable bars are famous for speeding up service while reducing the time to serve drinks to guests. Drinks orders may be processed more quickly; allowing for better customer service at the party.

Barecular's Portable Bar
Barecular’s Portable Bar

Barecular provides comprehensive and amazing service for commercial events, private parties, engagement party, weddings offering portable bar on rental with excellent bar setup. We have catering-specific mobile portable bars for a corporate, Private, Wedding event. You may also add a photo or logo to the bar to make it your own. The front wall of the pub is illuminated by LED lights

Types Of Modern Theme Bars for Your Special Event

Tiki Bar

Tiki Bar
Barecular’s Tiki Bar

Cocktails in tiki bars include the Mai Tai and Zombie, both rum-based. Decorations of Polynesian and other tropical cultures are prevalent at these establishments, which are characterized by their tiki-themed style. Barecular’s tiki bars concepts and iconic tiki drinks make this bar design ideal for any occasion, whether it is indoor or outdoor events and weddings. 

The Sangria Bar

Sangria (Themed Bar)
Sangria (Themed Bar)

At your special events, a sangria bar is ideal since the drinks are primarily cooled wine with fresh fruit, herbs, and garnishes. It is customary to make sangrias with a combination of wine, fresh fruit juice, chopped fruit, and carbonated water. Weddings are a popular venue for Barecular’s sangria bar ideas and concepts available in the GTA and many other Ontario locations.

Desi Bar

Desi bar
Lemonade pitcher with lemon, mint and ice on garden table

Many of the spices and ingredients used in the drinks served at a Desi bar are exclusive to Punjabi cuisine. It’s all about Punjabi-inspired cocktails like the Vodka Sikanji, Anarkali, or Sarabi Lassi, each presented in classic glassware or regular glassware

Mojito Bar

Mojito Bar Concept by Barecular
Mojito Bar Concept by Barecular

Mojito bars, a summertime favorite, are great to enjoy cool drinks. White rum, sugar, lime juice, club soda, and mint leaves are the five main ingredients of mojitos, which originated in Havana. You may experiment a lot with this drink because it can be prepared with just about any fruit under the sun. Barecular (cocktail catering company) offers their services in all of Ontario’s major cities, and our professionals serves a wide variety of mojito drinks at weddings, corporate events and so on. So that you can enjoy getting together with your friends and guests. 

Martini Bar

Martini Bar Concept For Events
Martini Bar Concept For Events

The classic martini is made by mixing gin or vodka, vermouth, and bitters in various ways in martini bars all around the world. Olives, cocktail onions, olive juice, lemon slices, citrus rinds, maraschino cherries, and anything else you can think of are common garnishes for these drinks. If you’re searching for a martini or mixology bar in Toronto, Mississauga or the surrounding greater Toronto area, our martini bar concepts provide a wide variety of martini flavors.

Mimosa Bar

Portable Mimosa Bar in Toronto
Portable Mimosa Bar in Toronto

Mimosas are a tastier version of the standard punch, making them ideal for daytime occasions. Making this large selection of beverages is a breeze and a lot of fun, thanks to their versatility, ease, and good taste. Champagne or Prosecco, fruit juices, and fresh fruit slices are all you’ll need in Ontario for special events. These colorful and eye-catching bar designs will have your guests and clients talking for hours!

Mocktails Bar

Mocktail Bars in Toronto
Mocktail Bars in Toronto

We also have mocktail bars concepts if you’re seeking non-alcoholic drinks that taste just as good. You and your guests will have a great time at your next indoor or outdoor event like birthday parties and corporate events with these cutting-edge bar themes in Ontario.

Advantages of Mobile Cocktail Bar on Rental For Private Party, Corporate Events……

Mobile Cocktail Bar Rental in Toronto
Mobile Cocktail Bar Rental in Toronto

Extensions to Your Main Theme

A lot of events have a theme in mind while they’re being put together. It doesn’t matter if it’s a certain color scheme, design aesthetic, or even era. Adding a mobile bar to your event allows you to enhance the experience for your attendees further. 

You might, for instance, coordinate the color of the drinks supplied (drinks to match your theme). Even the bartenders can follow a certain color code if you want them to in order to match the decor. This also means you’ll have plenty of chances to get some great photos to remember your special day.

Mobile Bartenders Benefit From Custom Branding and Personalization

One of the best ways to ensure that your event will be remembered by both you and your guests is to put your own mark on it. Barecular is famous for creating an experience. You may design your own custom cocktail menu from your favourite liquors and brands with a mobile bar. To make your big day even more memorable, consider having your event and wedding monogram or specific photographs displayed on the bars.

Building your company’s reputation, promoting new products, and raising customer awareness are all made possible via effective event branding. It is possible to brand the mobile bars with your company logos, customize the beverages to match your corporate colors and customize the menus to ensure that your company event makes a lasting impression on all of those who attend.

Certified and Insured Professionals Work At The Bar.

When providing large selection of drinks, you have to assume a certain amount of responsibility. You may alleviate some of this anxiety by working with a team of experts. Certification and insurance are essential because they are real businesses. Because of this, they are the best choice for your events, weddings etc. When you hire experienced bartenders, you can be confident in the legitimacy of your bar services and the ability of your staff to manage any situation that may occur.

Barecular has Everything To Make Your Event Wonderful!

Experienced staff, mixologists, cocktail bar for a party. Furthermore, there is a wonderful blend of cocktail mixology, skilled bartending, and fascinating large selection of beverages to be found at this establishment! And they cater to your specific needs with each and every one of their products and services.

What You Can Afford Easily?

You may rent a mobile cocktail bar from Barecular (Cocktail Catering Company). We offer our services in Toronto and all the main cities in Ontario for birthdays or any special event at a price that matches your budget. If you have a restricted budget, you may still include a few unique beverages on your stylish menu but offer them in limited quantities. As a result, you will need to perform some research before hiring a mobile bar. Before making a final decision, get in touch with them and check out their internet client reviews.

Bring Some Color Into Your Life

  • A sea of vibrant, eye-catching drinks welcomes guests at our cocktail reception, a departure from the typical glass of fizz.
  • There’s something for everyone, and if you have a few guests who don’t drink alcohol, we can make some mocktails as well.
  • You won’t have to raise a finger to create the perfect special day environment, thanks to our beverage bar in Ontario.
  • Everyone will be able to get their hands on a drink or wine at the ready, so there will be no empty glasses.

Another benefit to rent a modern and stylish mobile bar is that it offers comprehensive services. Professional Bartenders from Barecular -mobile bartending firms are excellent mixologists who can make cocktails to order according to your customers’ preferences. Bartenders are also wonderful, as they are well-versed in the proper pairings of components. A comprehensive drainage system ensures that the mixing, chilling, and serving processes go as smoothly and as efficiently as possible. In addition, these bars are equipped with a variety of extras that make entertaining a breeze, and you won’t have to worry about the equipment being clean because they’ve all been sanitized for your benefit.

Why Barecular’s Mobile Bar to Make Your Event Memorable?

Barceular: Cocktail Catering Company
Barceular: Cocktail Catering Company

No doubt, there are several mobile bartending service companies are available in Toronto and across Ontario, but hiring the best one for your special occasion matters a lot. If you are planning to hire one, then you must go with Barecular.

Our primary goal as service providers is to guarantee that our clients are satisfied with our products and services.

“Bite Only What You Can Chew!”

The market for mobile bars is quite competitive. In order to keep up with the ever-changing market, we must continually expand our offerings, even during times of strong demand like holidays and family celebrations. Despite our desire to offer the best possible service or bartender, we only accept work that we can handle.

Hiring our mobile bar implies that we must continually come up with fresh techniques to attract new clients. That said, we’ve discovered that we can’t accommodate all requests. In some cases, we may receive a large number of requests for Portable bar rentals, but we never try to go above our limit.

Our goal is to provide each and every one of our clients with high-quality, individually tailored services. Utilizing a number of different service providers is time-consuming. Whatever the size of the event, we like to work together as a team and have our well-trained personnel take care of all the details.

The End of the Story

Barecular's Mobile  Cocktail Bar
Barecular’s Mobile Cocktail Bar

Mobile bars may be a great addition to a variety of occasions and events. You may order services and have them put up anywhere you desire, which gives you flexibility. We’re here to make sure your time with us, whether it’s indoors or out, is a positive and light one. To meet the diverse requirements of your visitors, we provide a variety of product bundles.

 Having worked in the business for many years, our crew has honed their mixology skills to the point that they can create a wide variety of beverages for our patrons. In addition, we provide a variety of modern pricing options to accommodate a variety of spending levels. We are a legally registered company that takes the utmost care in all of our dealings with customers. So, if you decide to rent our mobile/portable bar, you can expect an unforgettable experience. Contact us now for a detailed view of our services! We offer our services in Greater toronto area and all the main cities in Ontario.

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